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Monday, January 12, 2015

Williamsburg Santa and a Thank You

 I was cleaning up my craft room and I discovered this very nice bunch of fabric.  This was a very special present from a very nice friend.  I need to send her a thank you email as I believe I failed to do that just at the holiday time.  This will be added to my stash and used for who knows what.  I love the fall colors.  Hummmm - it does get my thoughts churning.

Mill Hill's Williamsburg Santa is ready for beads and beard.  Very cute.  Stitching on perforated paper is a bit different.  I like these as ornaments.  I trim the excess paper away and then I glue it to some felt with a hanger.  Easy to do and it looks impressive.


Ruth said...

Ooo, pretty opportunities and a lovely Williamsburg Santa. I can tell you're having fun :)

Robin said...

Great progress on your Santa! Lovely fabrics!

Robin in Virginia

Caitlin D said...

What a fun project! Might have to give one a try. Maybe then I'll actually have a finish! Lol.
Fabric is really pretty too. I know you'll find some great ways to use it!

Jeanne said...

There is a lot more stitching in these Santa's than one would think.....a lot of work but fun!

Maggee said...

Can't wait to see Santa with his beard! What lovely fabrics... I am sure you will find a use for them! Hugs!