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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Progress Has Been Made and duct tape to the rescue

I have been busy with the new hardanger piece.  I did have to take a break and start something new.  The weather has been bitter cold and we have had some snow.  Perfect for stitching.  Here is the latest photo.  Parts one, two, three and four are now complete.

 There is a lot of work represented there.  Mostly kloster blocks.  I do wonder why a tailored buttonhole stitch was called for.  I seem to run into this new buttonhole stitch more lately.  (that was in the darker color).  If anyone knows why one buttonhole stitch would be better than another, I would love to hear from you.

I took a break and started Williamsburg Santa.  I have his vest, pants, legs and shoes done.  This is a Mill Hill kit so there are empty spaces for the beads that will be added last.  In order to work on this, I had to do some creative stuff.  I purchased a special frame for doing paper projects.  The frame is made for working on a desk top.  I really didn't care for it as I stitch in my recliner.  So I adapted by using my regular scroll frame parts and my lap stand.  The paper had to be lengthened in order to work.  Checkered duct tape to the rescue!! 


Robin said...

Your hardanger looks fabulous. Nice progress on the Williamsburg Santa. What type of frame did you purchase to use with your perforated paper projects?

Robin in Virginia

Taffy said...

The frame is has a name of Dutch Treat Peforated Paper Frame. So far, I would not recommend the side stand pieces but they might be great when I do work at a table. The "dowel" parts will work with my scroll frame sides and my lap stand. Although the I did have to change out the ball knobs for the usual ones which allow me to turn the piece over. I am a much faster stitcher when I have the stand.

Linda said...

Checkered duct tape gives it a distinct Mary Englebreit look, lol.