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Friday, January 16, 2015

Meet Williamsburg Santa and a few other projects

Well, he is done.  Ready for cutting and some felt on back with a hanger and he is ready for the Christmas tree.  I am quite proud of him.

Next up was part 5? of the hardanger piece.  This was putting eyelet stitches all around the outside edge of the piece.

Just a few moments ago, I finished part 6? of the same project.  This time they called for cable stitches surrounding various parts of the piece.  I do love the cable stitch.

For comic relief, I started another Christmas piece.  This is the beginning of Little House Needleworks' Silent Night.  This has quite a bit of solid stitching to get through.

As you can see I have been busy with stitching.  Life does continue.  I was called to Grand Jury duty and I was very lucky to be dismissed with full credit and no other visits from me.  Between that and several other things going on at the house, I have certainly been busy.  Today I even shoveled as we had quite a bit of 'no snow' to clear off the walk.  The turkeys and deer keep me company. 


Caitlin D said...

Beautiful stitching. I LOVE Santa's beard!!
The Hardanger piece is amazing. I love how they look, but I'm not brave enough to try one yet.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

The Santa turned out wonderful. The Hardanger piece just keeps getting better. And a new start? You are having a good Jaunuary of Stitching.

Robin said...

Congratulations on getting the Williamsburg Santa finished! Love your new start! Your Hardanger piece looks fabulous.

Robin in Virginia

Maggee said...

Santa looks so cute with the beard! Congrats on the finish. You certainly do a LOT of different hardanger stitches--and do them quite well! Gorgeous tablecloth so far! It is thundering here as it rains! I don't get it!! Hugs!

Cathy Miller said...

Your hardanger is so wonderful.