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Friday, September 26, 2014

So Busy!

Hi All.  Things are just a humming here on the hill.  The Camp has an address and that makes me happy.  Today I learned we have a few extra feet to play with.  This will be a very small footprint and every inch will be counted.  (Sounds like my kind of craft.)

Meanwhile my heart was stolen yesterday by Master Bo.  He came to the north country, along with his wonderful Mom for a visit.  Oh - - the joy a little one can bring into your heart.
Oh, and behind me - the cardinal pillow.  I made that years ago - - blanket stitch.  Oh the horrors.

So over the last few days between the phones calls, visits and general business - - I stitched.

I chickened out and did the lettering in cross stitch rather than figure out quarter stitches over one.  I wish I had stitched some today but perhaps I will tomorrow.

The living room now has 3 Ott lights and magnifiers near by.  Just a crop of new Otts are growing in my living room.  Come on girls!  Where are you?  I am ready for a stitch in.


Annie said...

That is one cute baby....and you are beautiful!
Have a great weekend:)

Thoeria said...

What a little cutie pie!!
The more I see of your Samsarah piece the more I think I need to get it :)

Linda said...

I'd love to come for a stitch day sometime soon. I know you're busy, but maybe later when things die down a bit, there might be a bit of time.