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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ten Small Finishes

Finish finishes!  I spent the morning in the sewing room putting things together.  Then I spent the afternoon stuffing and doing the final seams.  Ahhh - it is good to have so much accomplished.

Here s all the pillows made up and ready for stuffing.  This is Hands On Designs charts.  I am so happy to have the third and final installment in time to get these done.

And here they are.  I plan to give these away for a July Exchange.  I hope they are well liked and appreciated.  They were a lot of fun to stitch.  Nine small projects that grew into this wealth of fun.  I hope to find a basket to put them in.

Then I trimmed and finger pressed the Sweetheart Tree USA Quadrielle. 

When I trim the little V areas between the sides, I place a drop of Fray Check on the spot to help to hold it all together.  I also locate a hanger and a tassel - it is ready to be put together.

There you go!  Another one done.


llknbillburg said...

Such lovely finishes!! You are so lucky to have that skill. I have to send mine to a finisher or I pretty much ruin the stitching! LOL. Laura

viv said...

Great finishes.

Ann said...

You have so many things on the go and finished for the moment ... makes me kind of envious! As a working mom I only have a couple of spare hours in the evening. Sometimes I could wish for an entire week of just me-time ... no hubby, kids, dinners to prepare, ... utopia I know :-)