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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It Is A Big One!

I am not quite sure what called me to this project.  Perhaps it is because the supplies took a large section on my stash storage.  Perhaps it was because someone else posted a photo of a big zipper design that caused me to go looking to see if I had the design.  Perhaps it is most convenient that this design might fit in just right in the opening of my head board.  It would frame it perfectly?  I am not sure but it looks like it might.  Who knows why we pick a new project.  We just do.  Now I am busy with finding floss to do the kit with.  The kit appears to have a few mistakes and is lacking some floss.  I have written the designer and I am waiting for an answer.  Meanwhile I am making due.

This is called The Big Zipper, perhaps because it originally came in a large zippered mesh bag?  The designer is Bent Creek.  The sub title is Love Grows.  On 18 count linen the design is to be 21" x 21".  I am using some DMC cotton floss where I use all six strands at one time.  Or I am using the floss supplied which is a perle cotton floss, single strand. 

Let me know what you think...  This first section is mostly border work. 


Smily - Света said...

A bit strange for me... I'm not a big fan of B.Creek.
Isn't it too boring to stitch?

chickenchupacabra said...

Can't wait to see it mounted on your headboard! I think it'll be beautiful.