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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

XS Afghan Block #11

Block Number 11.  I have started working on the house.  I have most of the border done for this block.  I hope to get some serious time on this one soon and perhaps finish this block and move on to something else.  I do want to make a note to all those stitchers that follow me.  For the first time ever I have had a chart (copied on my home printer) leave ink on the fabric.  I use the magnet you see in the middle to hold my chart as I work.  (It is one of my speed secrets - if your chart is right there, you can check it and keep on stitching without a pause.)  This problem happened for a friend of mine and I had never seen it happen before.  (perhaps the printer inks are different now?)  She (and now I) used a miracle eraser to rub off the ink.  It works rather well.  I do plan to not let this happen again.  I can fold the chart or place something behind it to protect the fabric.  I am just curious if others have found this to be a problem. 


Laura said...

Sorry to hear this happened - I put my smaller patterns in a Ziploc-type bag and my larger ones in a clear plastic sheet cover for reports - works perfectly and I can place it on top of my work where I can see it easily.

Taffy said...

Good idea. Thank you for sharing. Jeanne are you listening?

Teresa said...

if there is ANY moisture it will bleed unless you are using photo ink. commercial copiers don't bleed if wet.