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Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring? Let's try some pastel colors

The afghan has been a big, huge, Christmas colored project.  I went looking for something small, spring related and that I can put on my lap stand.  Lizzie Kate's Song of Spring met all my conditions.  I am just about half way done with it already.  I will have to start dreaming about what to do next!  The limited edition kit came with the fabric and trim parts to make that cute pillow on the chart.  I may get it stitched this weekend but when, oh when, will the finishing be done?

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chickenchupacabra said...

Those colors helped perk me up this morning! I'm working on a LHN Christmas ornament, just because it's in my stash & of course it calls for wintery reds & greens, but after seeing your Spring colors, I'm probably going to whip through it asap & choose a "Springy" colored project.