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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Start: Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler

I had lots of errands to run today.  It is also very HOT here.  I hope it cools down soon.  I am already very tired of the summer heat.  I wanted to get this started.  Since this is only the first part, I doubt it will take very long to complete.  Then what?  I have several afghans I want to work on but the heat is telling me no.  I also have a very patriotic piece to work on that is huge.  ARGH.  So much to stitch and so little time.


Susieq said...

I got this one too, and can't decide if I want to stitch it on the material that was used by the designer or do it on something else. May wait until I get all parts before starting.

SewAmy said...

I'm stitching 'Very Scary' also. And I am loving it.