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Friday, July 6, 2012

Pin done, block #5 done and some turkey

It has been an interesting day around here.  Yes it was hot.  88 outside this afternoon.  I am hoping we can open up tonight and cool down soon.  I have been able to get some stitching done.

I finished up the pin.  I am not sure about it.  I think it should be smaller.  Smaller count fabric?  What about queen's stitches in the centers?  Some used ribbon in the center part.  Hummmmm.

Block Number Five is now done.  I also think of this block as the Sister's Block.  I have to keep marching on with this one.  There are three more blocks to be done.

We have several families of turkeys in the area.  This was taken out the spare room window.  This was a Mom and about eight little ones running around.  Earlier we saw three adults and a bunch of little ones out by the fire pit.  Do you see the little ones in the back?  I always knew this place was a zoo.  LOL.

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BRD Girl said...

I'm really enjoying your progress posts on "Sweet Simple Samplings" is very fun for me to are coming along beautifully - not much further to go! :-)