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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sweet Samplings Start

Zoom.  Zoom.  There is a constant din of motorcycle sounds at my house.  We are in the last day of Americade.  Tens of thousands of bikes are visiting the area and they all love to ride.  Like I said, zoom, zoom.  Yesterday I did stitch but I didn't want to share a photo.  With Jack in the hospital and getting drugs most of the time, his birth date is most important.  They ask for it at every turn.  On a chemo day, they may ask 15 times.  So he made a joke about getting a tattoo on his forehead to save time.  So I stitched his birth date on some fabric and made him a head band.  Next trip, he won't have to repeat it quite so much.  It was a fun project and it will be a hit at the hospital.

Today I was able to spend some time on my main current project. 


Jeanne said...

I think that's a great idea........wish I had thought of something like that for Jim.

Christine said...

Lol - Great idea with the headband!