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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finishing crackers and a pillow.

There was not a lot of stitching going on.  Instead it was a finishing day.  I spent the day in my craft room working on the final steps  of several projects.  It was a rather productive day. 

Four Victoria Sampler Christmas crackers.  Santa, Snowman, Gingerbread Man and Angel.  Remember that I do the hemstitching while at the hospital.  So today it was time for a bit of interfacing, the seam up the back, ribbons and stuffing.  Then I also pressed and interfaced the back of the Bird of Happiness project bag.  

This is not done.  This is a project that has been hanging around for many, many years.  Perhaps a dozen years.  Someone cut the fabric in half and had to figure out how to finish it with two separate pieces of fabric.   I have been puzzled as to how to put the two pieces together and used a four sided stitch on both sides to merge the two together.  Today I worked at pulling the threads and pressing for hemstitching all the way around.  I will work on this at the hospital.  I can't believe this one may actually get done.

Finally the Little House Needlework pillow complete with hand dyed ric rac around the outside.  The backing is a lightly flowered quilted material. 


Karen said...

Very pretty... great job finishing!

Ann said...

Some lovely finishes!
Adore the heart pillow!
Kind greetings,