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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something New - Summer

 Well, it was time to find something new to stitch.  Most of my stitching time is spent on a model I finished today.  (You will see it as soon as it is released.)  I wasn't sure what to work on and this was ready to go.  So I started it.  It is actually three different charts all stitched on one large piece of fabric.  So I am stitching sideways. 
We start with Summer by Blackbird Designs.  I really liked the colors.  I might be 'missing' for a few days.  If you have a prayer, our family could use it.  My son will be having surgery tomorrow and I have to admit I am a bit worried.  I hope and pray is all goes well and that the recovery goes well. 
I would also share a silly story.  We are having a squirrel war around our house.  The squirrels have fallen in love with the bird feeder.  My dear husband has been great at keeping them at bay.  He was gone today and the squirrels knew it.  So I tried to chase them off.  I had a small broom and went after one that tried to escape in my direction.  I am not sure who was more surprised.  Hubby needs to have a chat with these squirrels.  I had the giggles tonight just telling this crazy story. 


Teresa said...

I'm working on this series also Taffy. In between models for Stitches.

Ann said...

Hi Taffy,

I hope your son's surgery went well!

I always enjoy your stitch pictures!