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Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Finish and another start - -

Santa Claus brought me a special little kit.  It is a Show Off pen.  You stitch the design above on perforated paper.  The design was called Winter Stitches.  It uses some sparkle floss.  
Then you roll up the paper and insert it in this pen.  I did the whole thing last evening.  I even like the pen!!  Santa did a good job.
Once again I was up early with some pain.  So while I waited for the medication to kick in, I put together the parts to start this new design.  Stitched on gingham.  The is design by Cherrywood Designs.  Baltimore Men?  I will have to check the name.  The description talks about four snowmen.  I did quite a bit of stitching as I am still not feeling well.  It has been decided to abandon antibiotics for now.  I am allergic to two different ones now.  While I wait for the bad effects to wear off, I am off any new pills.  This design is quite interesting and I am very happy with how it is turning out. 

1 comment:

Bronny said...

What a cute kit idea - certainly a novel way to show off your stitching.
Not a good thing to be allergic to the medication that is supposed to make you feel better - hugs