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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Men of Baltimore

Well, it is done.  I apologize for this.  There are more mistakes in this than I can to talk about.  I guess drugs and bad reactions don't blend well with reading directions and counting.  I have also found it impossible to stitch in a steam tent.  Darn.  Hours are not being used.  I hope to begin feeling better any time now.  I will have to find something new to stitch.  Oh Darn.  This design is by Cherry Wood Designs. 


Anonymous said...

I see no mistakes...I am also not looking for them either so nahhh. ;) It looks beautiful. I love the fabric you chose to go with it too. Get well soon.

Shanda said...

I see no mistakes and think it looks fantabulous!! Hope you get to feeling better soon :)

Linda said...

What is "Men of Baltimore"? Is that the name of the chart? Odd name, if so.

Very pretty, though!