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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Snow? and It's Cold Outside

We are told that there isn't any snow.  Well, we seem to get all the snowflakes at our house.  It was quite the snow fall this afternoon.  It looked like a lot more than it was but then we are not used to seeing snow yet.  Here is a photo of the bird feeder.  We do have birds!!  Two groups of birds came to visit.  The feeder is almost empty because the squirrels (grrr) have dumped all the seed on the ground.  The jingle bell isn't keeping the squirrels away.

Meanwhile, I am stitching.  It seems to be creeping along to me. The afghan is calling my name.  I might take a break and do a small block on the afghan in the middle of this larger project.  I am approaching the half way point on this one.  Stitching on 40 count has me using a magnifier more than I like. 

P.S.  Judy - the mail lady will pick up your package tomorrow.  Be on the look out.

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