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Monday, August 29, 2011

I am back! Irene Stitching

Hurricane Irene arrived here in the night Sunday morning. We had lots of rain and gusty winds. We lost power (and phone, TV and internet) for 29 hours. I am so happy to have the news on and to be able to see what is happening around us. We did just fine. We had a tree limb down on the driveway. It was small and we were able to move it ourselves. There are roads out and power is a problem for many people and towns around us. Prayers to all those affected by this storm. Today is a perfect sunny day with such beautiful skies and the air is crisp. It is good to be alive and to have that storm behind us.

I worked on the Halloween stuff because I thought it would be easier than Max during the very stressful Hurricane Irene. I was wrong as the frogs were out in force this weekend. I did complete the two pieces here. Wear a Costume and Eat Candy.
I started this part early on Sunday. I stitched and ripped this first section at least twice. I had the darnest time finding the middle of the top and then figuring out what to start where. It was a messed. I won't say this is perfect, but it is done and to help with centering I went ahead and did the border for the second part. Grrrrr. I would guess that I was distracted by the storm.
Today the mail man brought me a package. Great timing!! I have Just Nan's new pumpkin. Little House's latest ornament and Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Men with the first three charts. There is also the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Collection book. IT IS FANTASTIC!! If you love Halloween, this is the book for you. I have all the magazines and I worried that this book would just be repeats but it isn't. There are all kinds of things I want to stitch in this book.


Gabi said...

Great to see you back Taffy and glad you came safe through Irene.
Lovely stitching and stash

Claudette497 said...

So happy you're safe! I can't believe you were stitching through a hurricane, you must have nerves of steel!

Taffy said...

nerves of steel? No but stitching is calming, stitching is peace and the routine of it makes me feel better through a disaster. Very often when i have to wait for anything, stitching will get me through.

Jeanne said...

I also bought the Halloween book and I don't even stitch Halloween LOL! Just had to have it. I have Hallelujah finished and am now working on LHN Winter Band Sampler on linen banding. I have the next 3 projects lined up to do....not enough hours in the day!!

Kathy said...

I also got the JC Halloween book and have already ordered the voodoo fabric from PTP for the Ink Circles piece.