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Monday, August 22, 2011

Box of Spinners

While waiting for service men to arrive and do what they do, I had plenty of time to stitch today. One after another guy showed, made phone calls, and passed it off to someone else. Argh!! Anyway, I stitched while I waited. (I will be waiting more tomorrow so more stitching can happen tomorrow as well.) I worked on the box of spinners which has the kid with a cap on the label. I moved over and did the in between, and the spinner on top of the blue box. Great progress.

I also wrote an email. This project is a Dimensions kit. I am running out of floss right and left. I also have a lot of stitching to do yet. I wrote to the company and explained what colors I am missing and what I will need. I gave them the option of sending more or just give me the conversion numbers to DMC. I am curious how they handle it. I spent some time matching up colors to DMC. It is a difficult job to do. I wonder if my color card might need replacing.

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Stitchin' & Scrappin" said...

I found a conversion chart of Dimensions threads to DMC on this site:

Hope it works for you as we all know how frustrating it is to run out of floss from a kit.