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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The new house and a bit of stitching

While we were waiting for our moving van to arrive (just over a week ago now) I took a few photos while the house was empty. That living room needs a big area rug. I also want to replace some end tables and the coffee table. Perhaps a large comfy chair in that corner with an ottoman and a good lamp. Could that be a reading corner?????
May - it's a May basket? There are flowers and I hope we see spring flowers some time soon. But not too soon - - my son is going to be working on my craft room and has lots of free time until the snow melts. So - I hope that snow outside melts slowly.

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Anja said...

Look at that fire-place, look at that beautiful floor! Happy housewife. What a nice place to live!

In the first moment, when I saw this foto, I remembered the old fire-places (or the dictionary also says "chimney"??) in the old houses in Scotland. In the front of every fire-place the was a embroidered screen to keep away the heat of the fire. It looked so beautiful and would also be a nice companion to YOUR fire-place.
I saw such a thing at Sudberry House as a candlescreen. You will need that a little bit bigger. May be your husband can help?

Again I have to say "sorry" for my simple English. I always sit here with my dictionary and hope you understand.

Liebe herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja