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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another busy day - -

Okay - I have been stressing over what area rug to put on the living room floor. I am not crazy for Oriental rugs, geometric rugs, or just plain rugs. I have looked at dozens and dozens of rugs. There is a lot of 'Adirondack' rugs with bears, trout, canoes, etc. I decided that this pine cone rug has just enough color to make me happy and will blend well. I hope we like it. I have a matching runner for the hall way and a smaller rug for the front door.

The craft room is under construction. This is what is in the room now. The huge (and I mean huge) drawers for the lower section are put together and waiting in the garage. There is also now a counter top and my son (yes, my son - - I am so proud) is working of a row of drawers that will set half way back on the counter top. These small drawers will hold my snack bags and my overdyed floss. That stuff is currently in shoe boxes for this should be a huge improvement.
I did get a bit of stitching done a few days ago. I will have to admit that my posting of stitching has mostly been a few days (or months) behind where I truly am with my stitching. This is September. I am currently working on December which would end this particular project. Stay tuned for more updates.......

BTW - it was mostly a crazy day. Insurance companies, Dept of Motor Vehicles (2x), new licensee and new registrations. I suppose we are now New York State residents. I am tired out and didn't get to do the furniture shopping I wanted to do. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

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Teresa said...

that's one of my favorite rugs....good excited to see more of your craft room