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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The start of something new

Recently I received the Summer Scrap Book Sampler project framed. Seeing that one done pushed me to start on the last of the four seasons. This is Winter Scrap Book Sampler project. I started in them middle at the top. This photo is after I spanned the top section.

I am hoping to post progress photos while I still have some other finishes and things to post. Hopefully it won't be too boring. I am basically a one project person. When I do big projects, I tend to stay with it except for perhaps a small detour.


LoriRay said...

Wow, I love your tin and the Peppermint finishes...not to mention the accessory with the tin! Fabulous work!

You've got a great start there and I look forward to watching your progress. :)

Linda the pain said...

I've been waiting to see "Winter", and here it comes...yay! When it's done you'll have to post all four in a row so we can see the complete set. Unless, of course, you want to send the complete set to your son, in which case I'll be happy to display them for you, pictures and all. Heck, I'll have him build an altar under them and I'll burn candles in honor of your talent! Hurry, stitch faster!