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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Open House Today

I covered the couch with stitched pieces. Then I went to the dining room table and covered it with finished items. Little needle books, WhimZi framed pieces, chatelaines, jewelry, stitch purse with fob, sheath and needle book. The coffee table has all the mail arts on it.

Then I had to put even more stuff out in the bed rooms....... Of course all the pictures that hangs on the wall were all there. I then got two more framed pieces delivered today. Pics to follow.


sari.i. said...

Oh, I can see one very familiar envelope there... :)

Linda said...

You have so MANY beautiful things! And I know there are drawers still full of other stitched but unfinished things you haven't put out yet. I want to be there!

omashee aka Barb said...

Oh my goodness! you could open a shop! Now you've really got some fun to do in your new craft space!

manu s kram said...

dear taffy, wow a lot of wonderful and very nice pieces. that s great !!!
hugs from manu germany( a envelopesticher)