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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kitchen cabinet fronts

Today I was asked to review and select cabinet fronts.  All are made from the wood reclaimed from the original cabin that my parents built.  The choices were various levels of rustic.  I picked out the one that made me happy.  It looks good, still has nail holes and made me happy.  One day soon the kitchen will be done.

Today we had our first significant snow fall.  The camp is so close to being done.  Today they plowed the road into camp so building can continue.  I hope to visit later this week.  I also want to share a view  from inside.  This was taken earlier this fall.  I just love this place.


Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed the pictures in the previous post! Very cool that the cabinets and doors are being made from the former cabin.

Vickie said...


viv said...

This is such a dream project. So happy all is going well toward completion.