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Monday, December 28, 2015

Current Camp Status

It is hard to believe that we started (and completed) demolition on the camp on August 10th.  Now we are looking at completion.  The weather is been fantastic. Although I learned early to wear lined jeans when it is cold.  One must remember that this is a camp, a cabin in the woods. So many memories for my family.  I will share some in the future.  Meanwhile the camp has two bedrooms, toilet room, shower room, great room, loft and porch.  

The kitchen will have cabinets made from reclaimed wood from the old cabin.  Cabinets and appliances are due any day.

The living room has a pellet stove and stairs to the loft.

Bedrooms are on just bedrooms........

The loft should be wonderful.  I was games, toys, extra beds and cozy spots up there.  There is also a mechanical room.  

Today the electricians were there working.  I try to check on progress every few days.  Tomorrow I hope to share some great window photos.  

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Vickie said...

Amazing! And very gorgeous!