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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring is coming - -

Hi All,

Spring is coming.  I saw tulips pushing through the soil today.  Trees are budding and the grass and trees look greener.  Temperatures are rising a bit slowly.  The weatherman mentioned snow for tonight.  Grr...

I have been sick with a cold.  I haven't had a cold is a very long time and it was a shock to realize that I was sick.  So it was a weekend of naps and blowing my nose.  I am doing better.  And I have been busy.

 This is part of the Chalk series by Hands On Design.  Done and ready for finishing.

Then I picked up a Lizzie Kate kit.  Hip Hop.  Done and ready for finishing.
Now this is a Premin kit.  I will be trashing this one.  I started it last month.  I am just an inch from the end and there is not enough fabric.  I hate the fabric anyway.  I will most likely remove the stitches I put in and use this fabric for book marks and other little things.  I found a piece of Lugana fabric that is perfect and I am working away at it.  This will be a hardanger table runner with violets. 

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