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Friday, May 30, 2014

Day of Finishing Stuff

Hi there.  I seem to have lost my stitching mojo.  I hope I find it again soon.  Today I had workmen around the house and was 'home' for the day.  So I went to the craft room to see what I could see.

I have the fabric rolls for a new quilt.  Some day.  Some day.  I love all the colors.

Then I moved on to do the finishing on some cross stitch completed this year.  We have the Blue Ribbon Design Summer pillow.  Then I did Lizzie Kate's Do Your Best pillow and strawberry pin cushion.  Last is the Summer House Love project.  I love doing this stuff.  I should visit that room and do more of this. Next up - - stitch!


llknbillburg said...

Love all your finishes! Hope your mojo is back soon!! Laura

Jeanne said...

I sure can't see that you have lost any stitching mojo......great projects!