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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Busy Week?

I am not sure where the time goes.  This week flew by.  I just saw last Saturday's blog update stating that it was a hot day.  Not to worry, we have a frost warning tonight and I am thinking I better cover up the flowers out front.  When will summer arrive?

I have been stitching - some.  I have six little projects done.  I plan to do nine little pillows with this overall project.  I hope to see the next chart soon. 

These little projects were fun and very quick to get done.  I am using scraps of fabrics and it is just plain fun.  Meanwhile I am busy with new furniture.  I had to wait quite some time for the new living room furniture.  I have pictures.  I have a new stitching nest.  I hope I get used to it soon.  LOL.

I do have to make a note of the green colors currently seen in the Adirondacks.  Spring is such a unique time and the colors are amazing.  All the shades of green are bursting on the mountain sides.  I love to see the greens.  I have to look hard now to see the neighbor's house.  The leaves are coming out and I won't see their house now until late fall.  Bye - Bye.


Faith... said...

Your stitching looks great and I love your new furniture.

Joyce B. said...

I love your stitching nook, that chair looks comfortable and you have all of your supplies in the tables. (I assume) I'm sure you'll be used to it very quickly.