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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three sides done - last one is underway

Santa in his sleigh?  I have apparently misread some directions as the red flowers on each side are a bit different in my creations.  I now have the ribbon flowers on this side and they should have been on the second side.  I doubt anyone will ever notice.  I am now working on the last side.  I always forget that doing the same thing over and over eventually makes a person crazy.  I didn't get much of a chance to stitch today.  It is cold here in the northeast. Brrr.  But the sun was bright and drawing me to my craft room.  That poor room has been greatly ignored of late.  I have new sewing machine in there that I am eager to play with but the day was spent finding the desk top and putting things away.  Six hours of cleaning and organizing.  Perhaps tonight I will get some stitches put in on the fourth side.  Thanksgiving is coming.  I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday with plenty of blessings to count as their own. 


viv said...

Congrats on the new sewing machine.
Tell us about it.

Denise said...

Your Stitching looks great! I too have spent a good deal of time cleaning my sewing room and getting thing put a way.
Happy Holidays and Stitching

Smily - Света said...

Hey-hey, not much till finish!

Anja said...

Dear Taffy,
I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving
Day. We don´t have something like that here in Germany. I love to read about it in a lot of blogs from Amerika, how all the familys celebrate this day. I think it is a wonderful tradition.
(And I like all the Thanksgiving photos.)
Liebe Grüße von Anja