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Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Tree - Sides 1 and 2

I finished the first side!!!  Yippee Skippy.  Santa and his reindeer are flying high.  I still need to do the buttons and beads but I will wait until I have all the four sides done before I do that.  So it was time to move on to the next side.

I am started on the second side which has a snowman in it.  I made a good start.  It has been a struggle to get cross stitch time.  I am a very busy person.  I am making an crocheted afghan and working on some quilt projects.  Perhaps I have too much going on.  Thank you to all that helped to make my birthday a complete success.  I was too busy to be sad or bored that day!!  It was fun.  I know I keep promising to update here more often.  I need to find a new routine......  I will keep trying.


Annie said...

Side one is beautiful! Looking forward to watching this progress.

Faith... said...

The Christmas tree with Santa and his reindeer looks amazing! Looking forward to following the progress on the next section