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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Victoria Sampler - Knee Deep iin projects

I did!  I did!  I did work on the Christmas trees.  Today I finished the preliminary work on three number four.  That was my goal before I started working on the 'homework' for Mystic One Victoria Sampler Class scheduled for the middle of next month.

Yesterday I spent some time sorting my floss, gridding the fabric and getting ready to start.  Today I finished up the trees and moved on to the ships of Mystic.

Can you believe it?  I touched a wall.  This is the top section and I have stitched from side to side on this one.  That dark on the right side is one of the ships and the left is the dock with snow on everything.  It is a good start.

On a different note, I am trapped at home.  Today I had the driveway sealed and I have to stay off it for 24 hours.  So, I can't go out and I have to stay home and stitch.  Oh - Gee - Darn!!  Can't you tell I am so disappointed.  I just watched the turkeys file by my window.  I do love living in the woods.

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