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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Glenner's Park and Christmas Trees

Thinning the woods seems to be a project around my house lately.  Looking out my front door, off to the right was a clump of trees, an island of trees and undergrowth.  Today my sister in law and my nephew came and started tearing it all out.  The trees can stay but the lower stuff is slowly leaving.

I am calling it Glenner's Park.  My nephew Glenn has been busy making this happen.  There is a stone wall up towards the house and then just a jumble of leaves and stuff.  We also found a nasty wasp's nest that has now been removed.  The whole place looks bigger, more relieved, cleaner.

In between dragging off small trees and large branches, I did get a bit work done on the first of four Christmas tree parts.  Just green and white for now but I do feel progress is being made.

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