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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am overwhelmed!

Look what arrived today.  Aida in many sizes and colors.  I am thrilled and blessed to have a friend named Blythe that sent such a package to me.  I gave away my aida years ago and mostly work on linen these days.  However, teaching new students aida is easier.  When I wrote about that fact on my blog, Blythe volunteered some help.  I spent an delightful afternoon talking to her as she 'discovered' what was hiding in her stash.  Then the pack age arrived.  One piece is hand dyed and sun dried?  It is very pretty and I am thinking baby announcement but that is just my idea.  Those stacks are full of many pieces - - isn't it amazing?  I am truly blessed.  Thank you to Blythe.  

I did try to stitch some today when I wasn't opening packages or watering the mums on the front porch.  Not a lot of progress but it was done during a busy day of things to do and housework that is calling.  My house is generally clean and tidy but with the prospect of a visitor, I am doing all the required things to get 'caught up'. 


Karen said...

What a nice gesture! happy stitching....

Charge Send said...

You are more than welcome! Happy stitching with your beginning cross stitch students.