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Monday, April 8, 2013

Stiching is wonderful in so many ways!!

I did stitch today!!  I am happy, proud and thrilled with my progress.  I finished the yellow flower part, did the row of daisies, umbrella and started work on the blue flowers.

Meanwhile I have this absolutely wonderful mail art to share.  This arrived from Finland on Saturday.  It contained a sympathy card from one of my wonderful stitching on line friends.  It is a combination of cross stitch and quilting.  It is absolutely wonderful.  I am a bit unsure of who it came from as I am having trouble reading the signature.  Who ever you are, it made my day.  It made my heart sing.
This is the back side of the envelope.  It closes with a zipper and can be used as a small pouch.  Also a homemade card.  It was a great day to see this. 

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