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Monday, April 1, 2013

Slowly but surely - -

My life is a whirlwind at this point.  I had hoped that I could get to my blog on a daily basis but it just hasn't been happening.  I do stitch a little.  I have been to many doctors and so far they are all happy with how I am doing.  My knee guy wants and MRI because I may have torn something but that will be happening soon.  I have also traded in two vehicles and picked up a brand new one.  New glasses are on order.  Perhaps that will help with my stitching.  Things do seem a bit blurry.  I want to wish all a Happy Easter - a bit late.  We had a nice dinner here with family.  I am hoping things will calm down soon.  I really do miss my stitching......

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Ann said...

Hi Taffy,
I'm wishing you a Happy Easter as well and hope that things will calm down for you again. Spring is near so that should help as well.
I love Blue Ribbon Designs but somehow didn't pay a lot of attention to this design :-). Love your stitching!
Kind greetings,