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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lizzie Kate Birds n Bugs Part 2

Well, I  am making some progress.  I have been working on this at appointments.  I have all the parts in this Vera Bradley box.  It makes it easy to quickly dump it all in and take off for whatever activity is next.  I still have the bird to do and then beads and back stitching. 

It is amazing how people smile when they see stitching.  I get smiles and kind remarks. I often get the comment "My mother used to do some of that,"  It makes me laugh.


Jana said...

Like the box, neat idea. Hope the appts r going well.

Anonymous said...

Its a good idea I never go anywhere without stitching of some kind I'm never bored. It always seems to draw people to you and opens conversation.

Love the progress it really is a nice piece, all the better for being quite simple to.