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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Might Ask - -

How I spent my day. Max is relaxing while I gather the ability to start the back stitching. I wanted to work on Halloween. I did for a bit of the day. Then I closed all the windows as it is cold here today. I thought about a nice fire in the fire place tonight. BUT I can't see the fire from my chair. So, DH, Please, please, please - - let us move all the furniture in the living room and then move it all back where it started as my idea won't work. Let's stretch our muscles and work up a sweat so a fire will not be necessary. What did we accomplish? I found baby toys under the couch. I did get to clean up the dust under all the furniture. The room is basically back where it started by my chair is exchanged with DH's matching chair. Now everything I use around my chair is on the wrong side!!! I can see out the front door better. I do have a different view of the yard. I will be able to see the fire place, if we ever cool off enough to turn it on. I have yet to decide about the other side of the room. ARGH!!! Why does rearranging one room take over the whole house? Meanwhile I did do a bit of cross stitch. I worked on another rule for Halloween. Meanwhile I also made a trip to a local post office to mail off a new mail art. There was quite a debate but I did get the task accomplished. Cross your fingers that it arrives safely in it's new home.

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