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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brew Some Fun!

Today was a busy day. Errands and then I made apple sauce. I have five containers of the stuff in the refrigerator. Next up will be either a pie, crisp or a cake.... what to do? what to do?

This morning I did some stitching and finished Brew Some Fun. Only three move little banner parts to go!!! My mind is already thinking - 'What's next?'. I should do the back stitching but it is so much fun to consider what to stitch next.......

Meanwhile... an explanation. Alfred was a foster bear. My SIL left him here for the summer while she and her husband went on the three month trip to Alaska in a trailer. No room for Alfred. I later found out his name is Theodore. (The proper name for Ted E Bear.) Anyway, we had fun with Alfred but he went back with his Mom for now. I am sure she has a nice safe place for him to winter. Maybe I will get a photo or two to share with my blog members... Hint. Hint.....

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