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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Stash at Christmas!!!

I highly recommend buying a grab bag from your favorite shop at Christmas. Needlecraft Corner (in Maryland) has great grab bags. $35 per grab bag with $115.00 of stuff. Here is the fabric that came in one such grab bag.
Here are the charts/kits that came in that same grab bag. Oh and Drema wraps the grab bags with pretty Christmas paper and adds wonderful bows to be used for finishing later.
Grab bag #2 had this fabric. DH loves having the gifts arriving already wrapped and ready for the tree.
Here are the charts/kits that came in Grab bag #2. I am keeping all the fabric. Some of the charts/kits were not to my taste so I took them to a stitching group and several people found treasures for their own stash.

1 comment:

Linda said...

1. I love Milady's Needle. You can send me that one when it's done.

2. The fabrics are great. I'll take any 40 ct. linens, please.

3. I stitched the heart chart and loved it. I made it into a pillow for Bud and he keeps it hanging on his bedpost.

4. Gonna have to order a grab bag, it's clear. No choice now!