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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snow much Joy - done

Here it is - - next up will be actual finishing of some ornaments. I really like this one on this particular over dyed fabric. 29 count glensee - - I believe.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS. I love hearing comments and knowing that someone is looking at all this stuff. As the new year starts, I think back just a bit. This is the first year that DH has been retired. It cost me 30 projects!! I generally finish stitching about 100 projects a year. 2010 I finished around 70. Maybe my needles will fly a bit faster this new year. We are planning to have a major move early in the year. After that - - who knows what will happen. Best wishes to all you. I hope the new year brings you joy.

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Stitchin' & Scrappin" said...

I love seeing what you stitch each day. Helps to keep me motivated. I don't even like hearing you talk about moving. Where will you find great taco pizza in upstate NY?