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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A special envelope - -

I am working on a special envelope. This cardinal by Prairie Grove Peddler was placed on the back flap. I will have more photos. This was sent to a very special lady on her 80th birthday. Happy Birthday to Mom Soderholm. I heard today that it arrived yesterday - just in time.


Pepper said...

Oh My!! .. I really like this

Anonymous said...

Soooo nice. I love it.

Liebe Adventsgrüße aus Deutschland

Linda said...

I saw it in person, and it's gorgeous - Taf, do you have a pic of the front? It was just so nice, and the colors jump right out at you. I was also shown a mailart envelope from a previous year, with the most amazingly detailed Santa face, stitched over one. The pink in his cheeks was so subtle and had to see it up close to appreciate the detail. Wish you had a photo of that one, too.