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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


Lennu said...

Merry Christmas Taffy! said...

merry christmas

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Anonymous said...

Dear Taffy,


I tried to do some reindeer petit point but I can´t find a silent minute. All is so busy in the house or we are all at other houses eating, eating, eating all the time. Every housewive shows what she can do in the kitchen and I don´t feel well to say "no" as a guest.
Today we have the second Christmas day. My husband has to work in all these days (nearly every Christmas)
to calm down troubles in families, to help drunken people and to fight with thiefs. He is very busy.

I love the days between Christmas and the New year and I hope to have some stitching time. Yes, I will have.

Taffy, best wishes with love to you and your family from