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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning the Craft Room

ARGH!  This is work!  I have now spent two days in that room.  There is 900 pounds of books in the garage waiting to go to the basement and the new reference library I plan to build.  One step at a time. Last night those books were in the dining room.  So that is progress.  Then I have gone through three years of magazines.  Now the rule is that I keep five years on hand.  Old magazines are striped of any charts, reviews, instructions are cut out and put in binders.  I have a huge excel spreadsheet of many, many years of just such treasures.  I was shocked to find that I have magazines from early 2008.  

With the new found room, I am rearranging and organizing.  I want the room to look less cluttered and more calm.  Wish me luck.  In between cleaning sessions I am stitching.  


chickenchupacabra said...

I agree w/ your "ARGH!" comment. Good luck!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your LK piece is looking good. Good luck with your clean out!