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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October is Wonderful

Hi everyone.  I haven't forgotten you.  I am just so very busy.  It is all good.  Camp is coming right along.  I have kept very busy with decisions on various systems to consider.  I also go over almost every day and take a photo.  It is coming right along.  This week should see a roof, windows and plumbing!!  It is all at an early stage but it is also very exciting.

Here she is!!!!  Yes that is grass growing around the site.  Amazing.  We have had some pretty good weather for all that has been going on.  Today I was able to get a photo from inside.  And, yes that is the river you see out there.

I was able to get my homework assignment done for the upcoming retreat with Victoria Sampler.  I am still hoping to go.  If all goes well with the rest of this week, I hope to attend my get away.  Fall is here with great tree colors and cooler temperatures. 


Smily - Света said...

Oh, what a nice place! But much work to do yet

Vickie said...

Looking fantastic!