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Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Am Back Stitching On My Own

Winter is hanging on right into spring.  Snow flurries were blowing around outside today.  The snow is melting and the snow banks are shorter but it is still winter in my neck of the woods.  I finished the model (I will post once it is released) and moved on to my own projects.

This morning I put the beads and beard on the Santa.  This is Mill Hill's Pine Tree Santa.  He is ready to be cut out and then glued to felt with a hanger.  That makes three for this year!!

Then I had to start something new so I started Lizzie Kate's Little Grey Hare.  I have it about half done!!  I put out spring flowers around the house yesterday and I need to find my Easter decorations soon.  Pastels are calling my name.

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