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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Make the FROG go away!!

Whew!  It has been 'a day'.  If one more thing goes wrong.....  What will I do?  The TV box went out yesterday.  In the process of fixing it, the internet went out today.  Meanwhile the dish washer quit working.  Where do I start?  I feel like a ship being pushed around, banging into the docks with no way of stopping it.  Good news.  Tonight all is working including the dish washer.  (As I pat myself on the back for fixing it MySelf.  But not before I hand washed all the dishes in it.)  I have been busy while I was dealing with the cable/phone/internet people.  (Oh did I mention the mouse people?) 

The Mill Hill Wreath is ready to go.  I did the finishing with the beading this morning while I was between appointments.

Yesterday I started Sweetheart Tree Merry Christmas Knob Knocker.  I made good progress.  Of course this one comes with a lot of backstitching and details to add once the base stitching is done.  I also want to show off one of my birthday presents.  I was surprised by a package on the morning of my birthday and it included this stitched box.
A very good and dear friend stitched this for me.  It was filled with an Ink Circles Limited Edition kit, some silk n colors, and a cute tape measure.  It is just so special to have a stitched box from a friend.  I love it.  (You know who you are!)

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Maggee said...

Congrats on getting everything fixed or repaired! Not sure I would be able to figure out why a dishwasher was broken, except in my house --lack of use! Only use it for holidays! Ha! Love the beading of the MH kit finish, and love the cardinal in your current project... The stitched box is just beautiful.