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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where does the time go?

I have been stitching.  Here is the final Just Nan Charming House.  It is done except for buttons and beads.  I will now move on to the roof parts.  All four parts are the same and very boring.  I guess I owe my followers an update.  I have been busy.  Boat rides, dinners out, some new friends,  dinner parties, you know - summer!  I feel bad that the blog has been ignored.  Camp is still waiting on the survey.  My 'final documents' (aka will) is being redone and is very boring and very much the same thing.  So lawyers and survey people are on my radar right now.  It does keep me busy.

Oh, I agreed to do some model stitching.  Why?  I don't know.  LOL.  I will be doing two small projects for a well known designer.  But I can't share it with you.  Not until the final release.  Sorry.  Also I have the new Sam Sarah mystery sampler piece but the documentation says to not share the progress in order to maintain the secret.  So - if I work on it, I will have to decide to break that request or I might just not stitch it until  have all the parts.  Time will tell.

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Maggee said...

The Charming House looks terrific--I look forward to seeing it all done and assembled, which is a feat in itself! Not sure I would show the progress pics on a mystery sampler ... Hugs!