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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Roof is done?

I have the main part of the Just Nan project done.  The base stitching is done on the house.  I still have the mouse itself to stitch.  As I mentioned earlier, I am busy with a model stitching project so I can't share that progress right now.  I am stitching with three strands.  This gives a solid color effect and does what the designer wants.  I agree.  On the other hand, I never stitch with an uneven number of strands, especially with DMC.  I love the loop start too much.  So I am doing it but I growl more often.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Hi Taffy,
I was interested in this project as well. Mailed them yesterday but came in second ... All the pieces have been sold.
Should you ever sell the chart, I'm interested (like we did for the Just Nan Christmas piece).
Looking forward seeing your progress!
Kind greetings,