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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Liberty Sam Continues and a new crop of turkeys has arrived.

Mom, Dad and six baby turkeys have been hanging around the house.  I saw them three times the other day.  Then the family took roost up by the fire pit.  It is a lot of fun to watch them, especially the babies.

To everyone that thought I had finished Liberty Sam, no - he has pants and shoes to be added yet.  I have to laugh because quite a few people thought he was done.  I haven't worked on him much.  I find that I need quiet time to actually sit and stitch.  Life is a bit crazy with deck construction and a new AC system being installed.  I am busy with paperwork and making decisions that I had no reason to believe I would have to be making.  It is all fine but it does keep me busy and stitching isn't happening right now.  It is easy straight stitching at this point and I hope to get some time tomorrow to work on it.  Thursday seems to be my best play day. 

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Laura said...

Can't wait to see Uncle Sam finished! Looks good! Hope you were able to play today!