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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Afghan block continues and is almost done.

It has been a very long week.  My husband and I have been very busy just living our lives.  Yesterday was a family party at a near by restaurant with relatives coming up to the house in small groups to see Jack.  We had a snow storm last week and my son was here with us to help with the snow and to be there for me.  I try to get some stitching done and from time to time I actually make some progress.  Currently I am done with the base stitching and only need to do the back stitching to complete the current block on the afghan.


Linda said...

Bravo for finding the time to pick up a needle, and also for finding the time to share the photo and story! Missed you!

Nancy said...

I am glad that your son has been there to help with all that snow. I love the way your blocks are turning out. Do you think you could maybe, just maybe give us a sneak preview and show us what you have done of the afghan? I do so love that pattern. Well relax while you can. You and your husband and son are in my thoughts!!

Taffy said...

Jan 23 has a photo of the afghan before this current block.