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Monday, May 7, 2012

Chemo #3

It was chemo day so I have up to six hours to be at the hospital.   I try to take some hand stitching to work on at the hospital.  Today I did the hemstitching on the gingerbread man cracker.  I put a four sided stitch around the Spring chickin in preparation for hem stitching on that one later.  Then I moved on the JBW's Bird of Happiness.  The project is probably about half way done. 
Doesn't it look great?  I stitched this a few year ago.  Today Linda posted this photo as my son has made a frame for it.   Yippee - - I love seeing it. 

I came home to new stash.  Drema sent the Just Nan trees that I requested.  It was a surprise to see them so soon.  Yippee - more stitching to do. 

For now, I am tired right out and won't be doing much of anything. 


viv said...

Everything's great as usual. My JBW bluebird stitched quickly as well. I got a package today too with my JN. I got Finchley's Summer House and some threads I ordered. Hope you all have a good night. Happy stitching.

Linda said...

I'm so pleased Bud finally got my frame done! I don't have a Christmas room like you do, so I'm studying on where it will hang. Year round or seasonal? Upstairs or down? Hmmmmmm.....

How was the bluebird project? There was so little room in that pouch, I can't imagine how you got a needle behind it. Did you end up doing a regular sewing stitch?

Love the blocks! Can't wait to give it a try myself!

Janice said...

Taffy, I was getting caught up on my blog reading tonight. It's been a couple of months since I've visited. Beautiful stitching as always.

I'll be keeping you and Jack in my prayers.